Sunday, March 30, 2008

10 GL Sandwiches

If you are grabbing lunch on the run or having to buy something when out, sandwiches are quick and convenient, but remember that many shop-bought sandwiches will use high GL, thick-sliced white bread or enormous rolls or bagels, taking you wellover your 10GL goal per meal. If you can, stick to thin- sliced wholemeal bread or rye bread, and go for open sandwiches using one slice of bread (or the bottom half of a roll or bagel), to cut down on the GL load.

A protein-rich filling or topping should ensure you feel full up, and you can always eat plenty of salad.

Smoked trout sandwich with tapenade and watercress

This sandwich is always popular. Sliced into small squares it makes for simple but sophisticated canap├ęs or drinks party nibbles, or serve it whole for a filling lunch that is packed with essential fats (from the fish) and vitamin C (from the watercress).

Diet Start


2 tsp tapenade, or to taste

11/2 slices pumpernickel-style rye bread

1 smoked trout fillet, about 75g (23/4oz), skinned, flaked and checked for bones

1 handful watercress, well chopped

I Spread the tapenade thinly over the bread then spread theflaked fish on top.

2 Scatter watercress over and season with black pepper. Cut the sandwich in half.


increase to 2 slices pumpernickel-style rye bread (or 5 oatcakes)

Hummus and roasted pepper wrap

Buy ready-made hummus from the supermarket or deli for an instant sandwich filling. You could also use roasted red pepper hummus, available from most supermarkets, instead of adding roasted red peppers separately (as these can be quite expensive when bought

in a jar from the deli).


1 small tortilla wrap

1 heaped tbsp hummus

1 tbsp roasted pepper pieces (from a jar or the deli) 1 handful lettuce, spinach, rocket or watercress 2.5cm (1 in) chunk cucumber, finely sliced

Freshly ground black pepper

Spread the hummus down the centre of the wrap, place the peppers and salad on top, season and roll up.


increase to 1 large wrap, 2 slices pumpernickel-style rye bread or 5 oatcakes

Ham, artichoke heart and tomato pen sandwich

Although a red meat, ham is not necessarily a high-fat choice

if you choose a lean, unprocessed kind. Here it is served with the unusual addition of marinated artichoke hearts, which add flavour and moisture without the need for butter, but you could also use cream cheese if you cannot get hold of artichoke hearts (it is also much cheaper).


2 marinated artichoke heart pieces, drained (in jars or fresh from the deli) (or 1 heaped tbsp reduced-fat cream cheese)

11/2 slices pumpernickel-style rye bread

1 ripe tomato, sliced

4 large, thin slices (or enough to cover the bread) lean, unprocessed ham Freshly ground black pepper

Couple of basil leaves, roughly torn, to garnish (optional)

1 Squash the artichoke hearts onto the bread. Lay the tomato slices and ham on top.

2 Season with black pepper and scatter with basil, if using.

MAINTENANCE PHASE (PER PERSON)" increase to 2 slices rye bread (or 5 oatcakes)

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