Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Healthy weight management through correct lifestyle and supplementation

Obesity, by medical definition, is a disease - a lifestyle disease that holds the grave potential of leading to an untimely death. We often hear of cancer sufferers who claim that they received a wake-up call that caused them to change their thinking, their lifestyles, their diets and their medication. But the truth is often that by the time the cancer is discovered in a body, a series of warning signals have already been sent.

The first symptom of a serious disease often manifests itself in our weight. Just about every diagnostic procedure regards weight loss or weight gain as a symptom of some disease.

Weight fluctuations are never ruled out.

In a sense, the first 5 kilograms you gain can be regarded as the piercing sound of the wake-up alarm. No, this does not necessarily mean you are already ill, but it does mean that unless you start managing your weight healthily, you will be placing yourself in the first line of fire of just about every serious disease in later life. And no, it does not mean that people who are not overweight are not exposed to lifestyle hazards that could lead to serious disease. But it does say loudly and clearly that obesity is the forerunner of most major health risks.

Diet Start

And just like any other serious disease such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes, obesity should be treated holistically. Because lifestyle plays a large part in the cause, it would follow that the cure has to include lifestyle changes. All these diseases share this common denominator, no matter how you argue the issue. In fact, diets suitable for diabetics, heart sufferers and many cancer patients all share the same guidelines: low fat, high fibre and nutrient rich, especially micronutrients, meaning fruit and vegetables.

No matter from which angle you study our main group of lifestyle diseases, their prevention and cure lie in the four cornerstones of proper health management:

Living positively

Whatever comes your way in life, how you react to it is still your choice. You may regard life as a bottle half full, or a bottle half empty. Either way, you are going to drink from it. The only thing you can do is to exercise your right of choice: how you see it. A positive mental attitude can solve most of the world's problems, heal many ailments and repair much emotional damage, whereas a negative attitude has the exact opposite effect. Living positively is a glorious life discipline with many rewards. The only thing it demands is that it should be actively and purposefully practised, every single day.


Being involved in a healthy, balanced lifestyle every single day, is the most effective way in which to promote excellent health and wellbeing. Enjoying a holistic lifestyle based on balance and variety is perhaps the best way to achieve quality of life. This includes a good social life, enjoying relaxing and stimulating hobbies and interests, regularly practising stress-relief techniques and paying attention to your dreams. The subconscious uses dreams as its communication tool and many health-promoting messages are sent to us through our dreams.


The food pyramid -the prudent diet- is hailed by the most respected scientific organisations in the world as the eating plan most beneficial for the promotion of great health. By following the right eating plan you can control and regulate many physical functions such as lowering your cholesterol, blood pressure, weight and blood sugar level and controlling your stress levels and mood swings. A good, sensible diet also contributes most effectively to the prevention of serious diseases such as arteriosclerosis, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Complementary health practices

Taking care of the body means taking care of the soul as well. Practising yoga, tai chi, meditation and/or regular, physical exercise offers immeasurable emotional and physical advantages. Regular massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, acupuncture, lymph drainage, colonic irrigation, hydrotherapy and a host of other health facilities contribute greatly to an increased zest for life. Herbal remedies and food supplements are extremely powerful means of attaining a better quality of health.

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