Saturday, April 5, 2008

Milk: 2% so what!

People think when they change from full fat milk to 2% milk they are really going to start losing weight. Ha! The truth is that full cream milk contains 3% fat. So what then, is the big deal if you absorb 1% less fat from your milk? If you drank a litre of milk per day, and changed from full cream to 2%, you would be taking in 10 g less fat. However, you would still be consuming 20 g of fat (from the milk) per day. Deduct that from your allowance of 33 g total fat for the day and you are left with a measly 13 g of fat to enjoy in the rest of your meals.

Diet Start

It is quite dangerous to think 2% milk is benign. It could upset your entire fat intake without you realising it. If you are fond of milk, then rather change to fat-free or skimmed milk. They are one and the same thing, but referred to differently by different producers.

We have found the long-life, fat-free milk to be the nicest; not as watery as the fresh fat-free milk. You can have a litre of this milk per day, which will provide you with your full calcium quota without upsetting your total fat intake.

And by the way, pretty much the same rule applies to yoghurt as well. Go for the fat- free brands instead of the low-fat varieties if you eat a lot of yoghurt.


Soups can save your buff, especially if you are concerned about its size. If you want to take off kilos, increase your vegetable intake to curb (or even satisfy) your appetite with a bowl or two of lean, hearty soup. Save time by preparing more soup than you require and freeze small containers of the remainder for quick, easy and tasty nourishment in the future. Gram for gram a lean, all-in-one beefy vegetable soup with some added starch (such as noodles or barley) offers more nutrition and variety than many other meals.

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