Monday, April 14, 2008

Why the need for supplementation? continue...

3. Sugar sets you up for low immunity and even PMT

Regular excessive intake of refined sugar and sugary confectionery such as sweets, cakes, chocolates and the like (in other words, anything other than raw, basic fructose or demerara sugar) could cause you to lose your magnesium (and other mineral) reserves. This often lies at the heart of PMT or painful periods. In addition, it has been found that the immune system can literally shut down for as long as six hours after eating a teaspoonful of refined sugar (The Immune System Cure, Prof. Patrick Bouic & Lorna R Vanderhaege). During this time you would of course be a sifting duck for any of the viruses cavorting around your body!

Diet Start

You know you eat sugar. Which means you need to supplement,

4. Life in general takes it out of you

It is not just a mailer of what we put (or do not put) into our bodies in terms of nutrition; it is also a mailer of what life takes out of our bodies. We are at the mercy of pollution, pesticides, fungicides, food additives and so many other harmful substances that we breathe in, eat and drink every day. Most of the chemicals used in our society have the ability to destroy the nutrients in our bodies. And if they don't do that, they have the potential to block the absorption of many very precious nutrients.

Which means that everybody living in today's world needs supplements.

5. Fad diets are devoid of nutrients

Drastic slimming diets (how many did you say you've been on?) or bad eating habits simply do not provide sufficient nutrients for the body. If, for the past 6 weeks, you have been eating less than 4 kinds of fruit, 6 cups of different vegetables, 3 varied types of protein, 6 varieties of starches and 3 teaspoons of unsaturated fat per day, you are probably nutritionally bankrupt.

You need a supplement.

6. Good weight loss relies on good nourishment.

By now you have heard it a zillion times: only a healthy body, functioning at optimum capacity, sheds fat effectively and manages to keep the fat off.

You will need a supplement now more than ever before.

Don't play guessing games with your nutrition

Many people tend to grab a book on nutrition, flip through the lists of nutrient deficiencies and say: "See, I have a zinc deficiency and that's why I'm sweating so much!"

Next thing you know they are taking handfuls of zinc tablets and hoping for a dry season.

This is risky, to say the least.

Ideally one should take a complete multi-vitamin and -mineral supplement such as Centrum. No nutrient acts completely independently of others. They all rely on each other in one or more ways to be fully functional.

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