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What makes Cellasene so effective against cellulite?

Cellasene contains a unique formula of selected natural plant extracts (fucus vesiculosis extract, grape seed bioflavonoids, sweet clover and gingko biloba) and other nutritional ingredients that nourish connective tissue from within and help eliminate cellulite. In addition to the natural plant extracts, Cellasene is blended with borage seed oil and fish oil. This unique blend of ingredients works together to support connective tissue, maintain blood flow and enhance and maintain skin elasticity.

It is a specific, scientifically formulated blend of the correct and essential natural ingredients to assist in the elimination of cellulite from the inside out.

The grape seed bioflavonoids used in Cellasene are obtained from the seeds of the vitis vinifera. The concentrated procyanidins used in Cellasene are obtained from the grape seed bioflavonoids through a process of extraction and purification. Concentrated procyanidins are known to have high antioxidant and free radical inhibiting actions. Research indicates that procyanidins may also affect enzymes that break down proteins and related compounds, such as those in collagen and elastin; this combined activity may help support and protect vascular cell walls. Changes in the permeability of micro capillaries may allow an accumulation of water in the surrounding tissue, and grape seed bioflavonoids appear to have the capacity to maintain normal micro capillary permeability. The particular grape seed bioflavonoids used in Cellasene have been complexed with phospholipids for better bio-availability.

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Fucus vesiculosis and its related species are brown algae found on the foreshores of most oceans. Studies on it and its derivatives focus mainly on the sulphated polysaccharides.

Gingko extracts used in Cellasene are standardised extracts that have been the subject of intensive investigation. It is purified leaf extract standardised to contain 24% flavonol glycosides and 6% terpenes. For the purpose of Cellasene, the most significant property of gingko is in relation to the circulation.

Sweet clover extract: a constituent of sweet clover extract, namely coumarin, is the main ingredient. Sweet clover tea and extracts are used to support the microcirculation in the lymphatic system.

Fish oil and borage seed oil: fish oil is high in omega 3 fatty acids, namely EPA (eicosapentanoic acid) and DHA (docosohexanoic acid), whereas borage seed oil is high in GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), which is converted to DGLA (dihomogamma-linolenic acid) in the body. The Cellasene formula contains both fish oil and borage seed oil, the active ingredients of which are important in maintaining the integrity of cell walls. GLA together with EPA and DHA act as precursors to prostaglandins, which are hormone-like messengers that playa role in the regulation of many body processes, such as the reproductive cycle, circulation and skin condition.

Questions answers about Cellasene

Q. Is it safe to take Cellasene over a long period?

A. It is safe to use on an ongoing basis. An initial intensive 8-week course of two to three capsules a day, is usually sufficient, followed by a maintenance program of one capsule a day for another 8 weeks. You can repeat the initial dosage and maintenance course as directed whenever you need to.

Q. Can pregnant women take Cellasene?

A. Data on pregnancy are currently being gathered. In the meantime, Cellasene should not betaken by pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Q. Does Cellasene work for everyone?

A. Taking it as directed for 8 weeks is usually enough to determine whether the product works for you or not. For some women the effect may be too insignificant to notice.

Q. Can Cellasene be taken with prescribed medicine?

A. If you are on any prescribed medication, it is always advisable to discuss taking Cellasene with your doctor before you start using the product, especially if you are suffering from a Thyroid condition or taking blood-Thinning medication..

Q. Who can take Cellasene?

A. Cellasene is suitable for all adult women of any age, including those on birth control pills, injections or HRT, but excluding those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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