Sunday, April 13, 2008

Play it safe – earn immunity!

Anyone who follows the Survivor show on television will know how importantimmunity is But the difference between playing Survivor and actual physical survival lies in the fact that you have to provide your body with immunity and not merely play a game to avoid being voted out.

In today's stressed-out concrete jungles the body is in constant baffle to earn itself immunity. And the odds are stacked against it-odds known as free radicals.

When I think of free radicals, I immediately think Procydin. The whole world is agog about this remarkable supplement that restores physical immunity.

Diet Start

But what exactly does it do, you might ask. Well, tales of miraculous recoveries abound - from heart attacks to rheumatoid arthritis, yuppie flu to emphysema, hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol and a long list of other lifestyle-related (auto-immune) diseases. They are called auto-immune diseases because they involve the immune system, the body's first line of defence against disease. Auto-immune diseases develop when the immune system goes awry during an onslaught of free radicals and begins to destroy healthy cells. Obviously this becomes easier when the immune system is weak. One of the reasons for a weakened immune system is age - it simply becomes less effective as we grow older. But it is also affected by genetic make-up, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, antibiotics, unhealthy foods and toxins in the environment.

Although there has been extensive press coverage of the merits of Procydin, many overweight people don't read these reports, because they believe they couldn't possibly be suffering from any of the diseases discussed in the articles. It follows that they don't quite understand how this miracle supplement works. We know that most obese people feel like normal folk (just a little overweight perhaps) who simply want to lead a fit and healthy life (and, please God, shed a few extra kilos!). All they really want is a body that doesn't embarrass or inconvenience them.

Well, bingo! You've hit the jackpot with Procydin! Why? Because we 'ordinary folk' who are 'just a little overweight' are the ones most at risk to develop those dreaded lifestyle diseases, that's why!

The truth is that without realising it, you might already be developing what is called 'Syndrome X': The deadly quartet of lifestyle diseases, These diseases include insulin resistance, hypertension, obesity and dislipidemia, a formal term for abnormal blood-fat values such as having low 'good' cholesterol and high 'bad' cholesterol.

If these facts are not enough to galvanise you into action to start taking Procydin, you should also remember that you are constantly under threat of free radicals from food, water and air, which puts you firmly in the highest possible health risk bracket.

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