Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why is cellulite so hard to lose?

My own opinion is that we think its hard to lose because of the many myths that surround it. Plus of course the fact that, in order to get rid of cellulite, one needs to take a holistic approach. Regrettably, this approach does not hold the magic of a (usually much misguided) quick fix, and therefore it is not popular at all. Simply accept the fact that diet alone may not be enough; only doing exercise may prove fruitless; having only complementary therapies such as massages could be insufficient and taking only specialised supplementation will probably also cause disappointment. But in combination and coupled with a few other simple techniques, the holistic strategy in which specialised supplementation plays a key role, is guaranteed to signal the end of those embarrassing lumps. By revitalising and transforming the affected areas from within as well as externally, you will facilitate the return of the metabolic processes within each fat cell, which is an essential activity in the elimination of cellulite.

Diet Start

The bottom line is this: treated correctly, cellulite can be completely eliminated. But as is the case with obesity, the changes have to be maintained for life in order to keep the cellulite at bay for life. Returning to old lifestyle habits, which may have been the cause of the problem in the first place, will simply make it re-appear.

Does specialised supplementation work?

Absolutely yes, without any doubt. The most respected and trusted specialised supplementation brand all over the world is Cellasene. It is a powerful tool to assist your body in getting rid of unsightly cellulite and to enhance your natural beauty from within, which will increase your confidence in leaps and bounds.

Cellasene's creator is Dr Gianfranco Merizzi, a sixth generation pharmacist. He holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology from the University of Turin. His career includes having been director and vice-president of various pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies and in 1986 he established the SantANGELICA Institute to focus on a scientific approach to beauty conditions. In 1990 he founded Medestea and four years later Dr Merizzi introduced Cellasene.

Today Cellasene is sold in 30 countries and is the number I specialised supplement product to fight cellulite. It has consistently satisfied at least 70% of its users. Those are remarkable statistics in the realm of nutritional supplements! It appears that women all over the world are welcoming the opportunity to attack their cellulite from the inside out.

Taking Cellasene as directed, helps the body to target trapped cellulite, break it down and reduce or eliminate it. The result is a smooth, youthful looking skin and increased confidence in one's appearance. „Italian women have used Cellasene for years. They trust Sant ANGELICA's reputation for quality and there have been numerous positive consumer reports.

When Cellasene was launched in Australia, the initial shipment of 50 000 boxes were sold out within one hour and a second shipment of 40 000 boxes took the same time to sell out. There were various press reports of near riots where women were trying to purchase Cellasene!

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