Monday, April 7, 2008

Ten steps to permanent cellulite reduction

1. Invest in Cellasene

Think of Cellasene as the primary supplement of your ten-part cellulite reduction strategy. While so many women notice results just by taking Cellasene, you can increase the chances of success and the magnitude of results by following a holistic strategy. Results can be seen in as little as two months. But remember, your cellulite did not develop overnight. Give your cellulite reduction program time to work.

2. Reduce your salt intake

Excess sodium in your diet can lead to fluid retention. Moderation is essential. In addition to regulating the salt you add to foods, be vigilant for hidden sodium in fast foods and prepared meals.

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3. Drink plenty of water

Water is an important ally in reducing cellulite and maintaining health. Drink at least six to eight glasses a day. It helps to eliminate toxins and wastes.

4. Follow a detoxifying diet

Eat healthy, nourishing foods like fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Reduce or eliminate caffeine, alcohol and foods that offer little nutrition. Make wise decisions about the foods that you consume, remembering that you are trying to rid your body of toxins. Don't counter the natural properties of Cellasene by making poor food choices.

5. Maintain a regular exercise routine

Exercise is a vital part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It increases metabolism and strengthens your body. Exercise doesn't need to be vigorous to be worthwhile. Walking is a good way to start any program of regular activity.

6. Skin brushing

This type of massage stimulates the lymphatic and the circulatory systems. Using a soff, natural vegetable brush, start your morning by dry brushing the skin on your legs, buttocks, hips and abdomen. Always brush towards your heart using circular motions.

7. Eat fibre-rich foods

Fibre is crucial for healthy digestion and elimination. Low-fat, fibre-rich foods are easier for the body to break down, utilise and eliminate.

8. Reduce dietary fats

Moderation is the key. Some fat is necessary for your body to function properly. Reduce your consumption of dietary fat - especially saturated fat - and be on the lookout for hidden fats.

9. Quit smoking

Smoking cigarettes affects blood circulation in a negative way. Good circulation is essential for the body to work efficiently.

10. Relax

Watch your stress and tension levels. When possible. Take some time to be kind to yourself. Do something you enjoy… or just do nothing at all.

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